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Generator Type Guide

There can be a dizzying array of generator types even for the experienced professional who has purchased or rented a generator in the past. Whether you are on a construction site and need a truly portable generator to move between multiple locations or you are a homeowner who only needs a small stationary generator temporarily Generator Finder can help. The first decision you need to make is how portable your generator will need to be:

  • Stationary Standby Generators - Generators that will be placed in a warehouse or industrial facility permanently. They will automatically turn on in the event of an outage so there is no disruption in service.
  • Small Portable - Smaller generators for parties and temporary residential or business applications can be moved and loaded onto a truck by one or two people.
  • Towable - Towable generators are extremely portable yet provide serious power for construction sites, emergency crews, or as a temporary power supply for industrial facilities.
  • Semi - Portable - Large, semi-portable generators can be moved periodically with special trucking equipment. They can power large buildings or an area of a city during emergencies.

After selecting the generator size for the job, the most important difference between generators that you need to compare is the engine type. Just like most modern machinery they come in gas, diesel, electric, propane and hybrid. Knowing what type you will need or will work best is a calculation that everyone must consider. Here is a generator engine guide:

  • Propane Generators - These generators are cleaner running compared to gas and diesel, and are perfect for the facility that already maintains propane material handling equipment onsite. They are considered mid range in their power output.
  • Diesel Generators - Diesel generators are best for heavy duty applications in outdoor environments. They are considered large capacity generators and can tackle the biggest power supply jobs.
  • Electric Generators - Electric generators are extremely popular for running extremely quiet and clean. This can be perfect for parties and anywhere indoors. Their use can be somewhat limited if there is not access to the grid.

It's all about finding the right fit for your job and picking the generator with the perfect balance of noise creation, level of exhaust, power output, reliability and cost. Get started now so we can deliver the generator you need.