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Leading Generator Brands

So you know what type and size you need, now you just need to choose between competing brands of generators. There are well over fifty brands out there, but we at like to focus on the leaders who typically offer greater reliability, craftsmanship and a proven track record. Top generator brands also typically come with longer warranties and the service technicians always know how to fix a Honda generator or a Cummins generator where they will not be as familiar with lesser sold brands. Below is a rundown of the top brands and what to look for in each:

Honda Generators - When you buy a Honda generator you have the comfort of a worldwide brand that has sold millions of units. Honda portable generators are used as RV generators, on construction sites, and are all highly mobile. Honda generators are typically more quiet than competitors and their engineering team creates highly efficient generators as well.

Cummins Generators - Cummins offers larger capacity and less mobile generators. They specialize in standby generators for emergency backup power for the home and industry. If you need a permanent solution for your temporary power needs then Cummins generators are a great fit.

Kholer Generators - Another worldwide brand offering a very robust lineup of home generators, industrial generators, portable generators and specialty (boat, RV, etc.) generators for just about every application under the sun. Kholer generators have earned a reputation in the temporary power industry as being very reliable although not the cheapest option out there.

Yamaha Generators - For relatively inexpensive, small portable generators that can be shipped right to your home or office Yamaha generators can't be beat. Yamaha generators are the most utilized generator brand for campsites and outdoor parties where noise limitations are not a huge concern.

Generator manufacturers constantly evolve their product offerings and we will keep our site up to date as new players emerge. Keep in mind that just because a brand does not appear here does not mean that it is not a quality product that will work just fine. It is typically just a safer buy to go with an established brand.