About Generator Finder

Generator Finder's guiding principal is to bring simplicity to finding generators for homeowners and businesses alike. We use many tools to achieve this including a comprehensive network of dealers nationwide and an advanced system that offers user access via computers and mobile devices anywhere 24/7. Our headquarters has been in Los Angeles since our inception in 2003, but our coverage covers the entire United States and Canada.

What Makes Generator Finder So Great?

  • Options - We filter out the clutter of options for generator buyers. With hundreds of different generator types, there will only be a handful that will work for your specific application, and we help narrow down to the generators you need to consider.
  • Lowest Cost - We help you quickly evaluate and compare the cost of one dealer to another. In fact, it takes less than two minutes to enter your info and compare pricing. Of course, many people have questions so we provide a phone number as well so you can talk directly with a sales associate.
  • Always Changing - Generators may seem like a pretty bland industry, but not to us! We are always looking for ways to improve, and give buyers an edge, and simplify the process of renting and buying generators. We are definitely open to ideas and suggestions so please let us know if there is something you think we can do better.

Let GeneratorFinder.com help you today, find your location and get started.