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Welcome to, your number one source for all types of generators nationwide. We can supply a full range of generators including propane, gas, diesel and electric in all sizes. Thousands of customers have used Generator Finder to buy or rent generators for any application quickly and easily. You can quickly narrow your search down to your location and compare prices from multiple dealers so you can make sure you are getting the best prices for generators in your city. Give us a call today or browse our generator guides to learn more.

Why Use Generator Finder

Generator Finder was developed to capitalize on the latest technology to seamlessly connect anyone in need of generators for temporary or permanent power solutions via the web and mobile devices. We work hard to make sure that from the time you decide to rent or purchase a generator, to the time you make the last payment, everything goes as smoothly as possible. And that means getting the right equipment every time. Our power generator professionals can answer any question that you have - any time!

Generator Finder FAQ

We get asked hundreds of questions every year from people looking to rent or buy power generators, but we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to help you get started:

What can a generator help power in my home?

A generator can serve as back up or temporary power for any residential application. If you only need to power lights and the occasional hair dryer during an emergency you will only need a small portable generator. However, water heaters (electric), electric heating systems, air conditioners, spas, electric ranges and other larger appliances will require larger generators.

What size generator do I need?

After questions about cost, the size of the generator is the most important to shoppers. For residential users try to make a list of all the necessary items that you will be powering, and leave a cushion of at least 25% for surges in usage. For commercial applications you will want to look at your history of electricity consumption to look for peaks to make sure that your generator can handle it. Generally 100% up-time is more important on a job site or in a factory where every hour lost without power is money down the drain. You should always speak with a professional who can answer questions about your specific application before you order a generator to be delivered.

Are there delivery fees?

For larger generator deliveries there will typically be fees each way (return fee for generator rentals) starting at around $75 in most major metro areas. If you have your own equipment and can pick up a towable generator on your own you will be able to save on these fees.

Do I really need a backup generator for emergencies?

If you work in a hospital or health clinic environment then the chances are yes, you do need an emergency generator in the event of a power outage for the safety of patients. Many other buildings and businesses are also required to keep standby generators at the ready so that fire alarm systems and other safety systems are held in place until utility power is restored. If you are in doubt you can review GSA requirements to get a better idea, or you can call a dealer who can help answer your questions.

What accessories will I need to purchase and are there any hidden fees?

As with any large piece of equipment there are necessary accessories you will want to have on hand including batteries, fluids & filters and monitoring tools. If your environment is extremely cold or wet you may want to also consider an enclosure for your generator to ensure it runs properly when needed and moisture does not take its toll. Regular maintenance for permanent or home backup generators is also required for your generator to last.

Do I need a standby generator or will my portable generator work?

This common question really comes down to how critical the application is. For example on hospitals and job sites where losing power can be dangerous, a standby generator that automatically turns on during an outage is the only real option. For the homeowner a standby generator is more of a convenience so that there is no manual intervention. This benefit of standby vs. portable generators should not be underestimated however as outages typically occur during the most inopportune times such as during a heavy storm when it may be difficult to access the portable generator that is not connected.

Generator Finder experts are standing by ready to help you with your purchase or rental. Get started by entering your information in the pricing form to compare multiple power generator prices or just pick up the phone and call!